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Canon EOS 70D & EOS 7D Mark II Speculation

APS-C replacements soon?
The first of what will probably be many spec lists about the mentioned cameras. With the knowledge of an 18mp T4i, it stands to reason that Canon will retain the same megapixel count in the next xxD and xD APS-C cameras. Still no mention whether or not it’s an updated sensor. I would certainly hope it is.
Digic 518mp100% viewfinder with grid lines like 7D19 AF Points from 7DContinuous AF in LiveView & Video RecordingSeptember Announcement7D Mark II
Dual Digic 5100% viewfinder61 Point AF from 5D Mark IIIAnnounced after 70D This is a grain of salt spec list, though I do think anything announced for Photokina would be mostly finalized by now.