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Panasonic Unveils the Long-Rumored GH4, a 4K-Capable Micro Four Thirds Beast

After months of rumors, spec and image leaks — including a full press text leak… yikes — Panasonic has is finally launching the much-talked-about GH4: a Micro Four Thirds shooter with 4K video capability that the company is calling the “ultimate photo/video hybrid Digital Single Lens Mirrorless(DSLM) camera.”
Teased last month at CES, the GH4 is Panasonic’s followup to the video-centric GH3 (which, incidentally, will stay on the market). But where the GH3 can only shoot 1080p video, the new GH4 makes headlines for its 4K capability — both 3,840 x 2,160 “Quad HD” and a 4,096 x 2,160 “cinema 4K” at 24 frames per second with a 100 Mbps bit rate.
Plus, announced alongside the GH4 is a behemoth of a companion pro audio/video interface that screams “amateurs need not apply.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a powerful stills camera (or else, we wouldn’t be writing about it). Inside is an all new 16-megapixel CMOS Micro Four Thirds sensor, a quad-core CPU, a 2.36M-dot OL…

Getty Images Sports Photographer Robert Cianflone Reporting from Sochi…

Robert Cianflone · Feb 06, 2014 In the picture above, taken on January 30th 2014, you see more than 315,000 Euro worth of Canon camera gear or 425,659.59 US dollars! That’s the value of a house and more than a Lamborghini Aventador!!! Now pick up your jaw, put it back into place, wipe away the drool and read about how the pictured gear wasn’t even around seven years ago.
When IOC President Jacques Rogge announced in July 2007 that Sochi was named as the host city of the 2014 Winter Games, the Getty Images global operations team went into full swing to begin preparations.
Even though the actual event only runs for 16 days, years of planning are required to bring an event together so it runs seamlessly for all those involved.
At this point the venues that will host the games haven’t even been built!
The team has to find out as much information as possible in advance.
Where are the venues? How do we get there? What technologies are available? When will the venues be com…