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Real 1DXm2 vs 1DX high ISO performance comparison

Some time ago DPR added 1DXm2 to their comparison chart.
There 1DXm2 high ISO performance looked slightly better than 1DX.
The only one strange thing was there that 1DXm2 shots were brighter than 1DX shots.
Actually, it was required in LR to move exposure slider about 0.5 stop down for 1DXm2 and raise it about 0.2 stop up for 1DX to make them equal in brightness and the same histogram distributions.
Some people were telling that this is OK and this is just due to difference in analog gain setting in different cameras for different ISOs.

Therefore, when I got my 1DXm2 few days back I did some tests to check different things including high ISO performance.
For 1DXm2 my primary interest was better AF, especially in in dim light conditions and slightly better ISO, which was noticeable in DPR test.
  My tests were done in dim light conditions using the same EF70-200 F/2.8L IS USM II lens fixed on the heavy and sturdy tripod. Once test done with first camera then it was detached from…

First EOS 5D Mark IV Images Leak?

Canon 5D Mark IV spotted on Red Bull sponsored surf shoot

Comment on the forum Why are marketing departments obsessed with action sports?
In the camera world there’s four approved kinds of marketing content – boxing, surfing, snowboarding and free-running. Now, unless I’m very much mistaken one of the surfer dudes has let something slip.
In this Instagram post Levi Siver is working on a windsurfing feature with a crew, for an “unreleased Canon camera”. In the picture you can indeed see a Canon camera on a rig, although not clearly enough to make out the model. In the comments he’s asked if it is a 5D Mark IV, and in his reply he says “Yep it is”, smilie face.
I don’t have my own rumour rating system but if I were to rate this one, I’d call it a Big F*****g Leak.
The wind-surfing quite possibly suggests Dual-Pixel AF will play a big part of the new marketing campaign, or that the whole thing is a massive ruse by girls in marketing departments so that they can upgrade…